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Straight from the Source

It was a real pleasure being taught by Saz. The flow was thoughtfully put together and her guidance was clear and concise.

Laura Tolan

I immediately felt at ease in my first class with Sarah. She’s very kind and made sure everyone had everything they needed before we started. Her instruction throughout was clear and engaging. The flow of the class was well structured and ample time was given for adjustments and most importantly savasana.

James Paul

Recently I had the great pleasure of attending one of Sarah’s yoga sessions where we went through an excellent routine. The session was run very professionally and was similar to the Friday evening sessions at The Marlow Club. I always thought Sarah would take to teaching yoga with enthusiasm, understanding and a great desire to pass on her knowledge. I am happy to say that Sarah is a passionate outstanding teacher and guide helping all learn yoga.

Mike Dodge

I really enjoyed Saz unique teaching style. I came away feeling both energised and calm. Her approach to class flows well with her words of encouragement and explanations of postures. Thank you Saz.

Terrie De-Ville

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