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My Story

Why I teach

Bonjour, je m’appelle Saz! But I’m also known as Sarah Newman. Raised in France and fed on a diet of snails, mushrooms and garlic, I moved to the UK in 1996.

Recommended to yoga by a friend, I went to my first class a few months after my son was born, now 17 years ago, and it turned to be one of the best decisions of my life. I started with hatha classes at my local village hall, then decided to go to weekly Ashtanga class with Katherine Rycroft which I loved and attended without fail. Ashtanga has brought me a discipline and an precision in my practice which was just what I needed. Since, I have enjoyed practising vinyasa yoga with some wonderful teachers in Buckinghamshire who have influenced me greatly: Matthew Huy, Anne Jansen, Vivien Campbell, Annabel Caithness to name a few.

Yoga brings me an immense sense of peace and happiness. I decided to become a yoga teacher to share my love and passion for yoga because of what it has been brought me over the years. I want to be of service to others and make a difference to people’s lives. I believe I can inspire you  with my infectious French enthusiasm and, within my classes, I provide a space for students to look after themselves, strengthen their bodies and find a sense of peace and balance.

I worked in a senior position in HR for over 20 years so I have plenty of experience when it comes to ensuring all students are included! Being a Human Resources Manager required patience, understanding, dealing with sensitive information and looking after people’s well-being. Those interpersonal skills are also necessary for a good yoga teacher.

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